Raw Kitchen Tools

Raw Kitchen Tools 

For The Best Raw Food Preparing!

Before starting your creative raw food preparing there are a few raw kitchen tools to assist you in making amazing raw food dishes with ease. A raw kitchen has possibilities of fresh aromas to tantalize the taste buds and inspire fabulous food combination’s. Remember it is perfect to start with one appliance and add more as you go along.

Proper Tools For Creative Food Preparing

There are three main raw kitchen appliances and tools to assist you in the raw food creation process

  • High Power Blender (Vita-Mix or Blend-Tec)
  • Food Processor
  • Food Dehydrator

If you are interested in adding more fun raw kitchen tools I personally love and find very helpful:

  • Ceramic Knives
  • Mandoline
  • Food Spiralizer
  • Bamboo or Flex Cutting Boards

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I personally started off with a High Power Blender, the Vita-Mix, for fruit and now green smoothie. The Vita-Mix can also make delicious warm soups and even make pates (although they are a pit creamier).

Over the years I have found green smoothies to be the most important raw/live food to put in our body.

Next I bought a Cuisinart brand 12 cup food processor. Although now I own a smaller Cuisinart and find this works best. Food processors are great for pate’s, raw cookies, cakes, and crackers.


Lastly I was able to find a round dehydrator at a yard sale. Although within a few months I was able to buy an Excalibur Dehydrator. I love drying my own herbs, crackers and cookies. A dehydrator is also great for warming up soups and other raw dishes.

Excalibur’s are great and work much like a low heat oven.


Over the years I have collected all kinds of fun kitchen creative devices. From pineapple cut and corers to corn peelers. I have even taken a popular foot scrapping product and turned it into a citrus Zester. Oh were the imagination will take you!