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what is raw foods?

The raw food concept was introduced to me over 10 years ago. A friend of mine, who was also a vegan, recommended a new vegan... Read More

what kitchen tools are for raw foods?

Before starting your creative raw food preparing there are a few raw kitchen tools to assist you in making amazing raw food dishes with ease... Read More

Weight Loss Secrets

  3 Living Life Weight Loss Secrets   3 Unique Loving Weight Loss Secrets:  Awareness Honesty Responsibility Inspired in part by Conversations With God Book 2 By Neale Donald Walsh When learning or teaching any concept it works best to start from a place of love. Through love awareness, honesty and responsibility can be brought to the [...]


Raw Weight Loss Plan

  Raw Weight Loss Plan    Once you have made the decision to shed the extra fat from your body having a weight loss plan can be a road to forming new healthy habits. A thought is a plan and for some reason writing it down further defines the agreement between our self and our [...]


Weight Loss On Raw Food

  Weight Loss On Raw Food Weight loss on raw food is different then weight loss on any other diet plan. Raw food weight loss is: Total Body, Mind, Spirit, Nourishment!     Something happens when we take in 100% live organic foods. We start to shed pounds and with the loss of fat we gain [...]


Weight Loss Motivation

  Weight Loss Motivation  You Can Do IT! One of the biggest roadblocks towards shedding pounds is weight loss motivation!    Motivation is the internal condition that activates behavior and gives it direction; energizes and directs goal-oriented behavior. The key is to find the fuel, the energy to keep us on our path towards less body mass, movement [...]


Weight Loss Information

  Weight Loss Information: Fresh Thoughts And Foods Fresh Raw Food Diet Weight Loss  Welcome to weight loss information for those looking to expand their mind and change their eating habits. There seems to be a trend to loss weight while continuing to eat the same way and think the same thoughts.Insanity: doing the same [...]


Weight Loss Foods

    Fresh Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Weight loss foods promote health, wellness and satisfy both our taste buds and nutritional needs. Too much fat on our bodies is a sign of toxicity. Simply by eliminating acidic, processed and nutrient-void foods while adding fresh, organic, living foods our bodies will naturally shed the unneeded fats. [...]