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3 Living Life Weight Loss Secrets


3 Unique Loving Weight Loss Secrets: 




Inspired in part by Conversations With God Book 2 By Neale Donald Walsh

When learning or teaching any concept it works best to start from a place of love. Through love awareness, honesty and responsibility can be brought to the attention of the person receiving the information.

Weight Loss Secret #1: AWARENESS

Awareness is the is the state or ability:

  • to perceive
  • to feel
  • to be conscious

of events, objects or sensory patterns.
 You have come to this website with awareness of your body, mind or spirit. You possibly want a change for yourself or perhaps you are simply open to possibilities of better health and mental clarity.

Whatever the reason, for your visit, just be aware of what you want for yourself.

In order to get in touch with your intention to lose weight, become more healthy or heal:

  • Create a quite space for deep reflection.
  • Sit or lay comfortably your space.
  • Quite your mind and start creating a stair case to a private space within your mind.
  • Once your reach your space create the most marvelous garden. With beautiful big trees. If you like there is a tree swing or hammock to lay in.
  • As soon as your space feels calm, safe and beautiful, within your thoughts ask yourself what would be in your highest good?
  • Be patient, the answer may not come right away and this may require you to do this many times. Eventually the answer WILL come.
  • Be open and listen. The answer may even come in a visit or conversation from another during the course of your day BE AWARE!!

Weight Loss Secret #2: HONESTY

Honesty has 2 part:

  1. Speaking the truth.
  2. Creating trust in others.

Honesty is based on point of view of each one of us.

Many different truths:
In the raw community alone there are differences of truths and/or opinions. Our job is to find out if it is true for us. For instance many raw leaders differ on the issue of raw cacao being good for our bodies or not. Due to the caffeine content within the cacao beans.

That is why there are two parts to truth. We get to try out other peoples truths to see if they work for us. Keep in mind that the truth is given in highest form were the intention is wellness for all.

Bryon Katie’s 4 Questions and a Turn Around is a great way to question any truths or thoughts you are not feeling good about. Especially if your feeling bad about yourself or your body.

It is great to want more for yourself. What is true for us can change if it is not working for us. If you want to change the size of your body because it no longer works for you at this size feel good about the change, get excited. When we feel bad about what is true start with 4 questions and turn your negative thoughts positive.

Weight Loss Secret #3: RESPONSIBILITY

Join me in a Victim-less World!

Three years ago I consciously created a decision to take responsibility for my actions. I love to see the world and those in it as having the power to change, to be, to have whatever myself or anyone should choose.

Empowerment is taking responsibility of self. When giving or assisting others it is also in the form of responsibility and EMPOWERMENT.

Responsibility Story:
One day a friend of mine was telling me about her son having a problem with dogs. No matter where they would go there was always a dog attacking her son.

I said (very lovingly), “Wow, have you spoken to your son about his relationship with dogs? I bet if he changed his energy with the dogs the situation would change for the better.”

Although I did not know this at the time but my friend walked away angry. She was angry that I thought her son had anything to do with the dogs attacking him.

The next day while they were at a local park another dog attacked her son. My voice came to her head and she decided to talk with her son about how he felt towards dogs.

It turned out that he was becoming scared and thought about the attacks even before he got out of the car. They spoke about different ways they could empower him to get along with the animals.The next time they were at the park and the dog came up to him he sat down on the grass and welcomed the dog saying over and over its OK. The dog calmed down and so did he.

From then on the dogs no longer bother him and he now loves dogs. Even as friends and parents we can inspire responsibility through our example and through loving conversation.

Responsibility is the effect our thoughts, actions and words have on the world around us. Through awareness and honesty we can come to a place of responsibility over our current state of our body, mind and spirit.

Changing your diet is more than just changing your body it can change your complete lifestyle. Namaste

Robyn’s Week #12 Raw Food Weight Loss Secrets Journal Entries

July 5, 2009/Day 78 
Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey
Weight Loss Secrets

Weight Loss Secret: Today I ate: RAW ICE CREAM!!! Macadamia nuts & organic raisins, a lemon raw fruit & nut bar, 1 banana, 64 oz. water.

Weight Loss Secret: Emotionally: I am experiencing a lot of emotion that I did not have to feel before. I think I smothered it with food. Minor irritations and unkind people that I could just ignore and comfort myself with food before, now I have to feel these emotional reactions to people, and it is really getting on my nerves!

Weight Loss Secrets Physically: I feel better and I am wearing a lot of clothes that were in my closet that I could not wear before. I am really liking that!

Weight Loss Secret Mentally: I LOVE DARLENE! She made me RAW Chocolate Ice Cream for my birthday. It was such a wonderful and delicious surprise! It was so ironic as well! In all truth, I was at Whole Foods Market buying some tasty cherries, grapes and macadamia nuts, and I just perused the ice cream case. I thought, surely I am going to see one of these containers say RAW on it, and I can have some. Alas, such was not my lot on this day. I just felt a longing for it, and left the store empty handed. (Ice Cream wise, anyway.) Then, later on that very same day, this lovely creature shows up at my door with hand made chocolate ice cream as a surprise gift for my birthday. What a wonderful, perfect heart felt gift! You are a wonderful friend Darlene!

Weight Loss Secret One way I love myself today: I took a break and just laid on my bed and released all the negative energy that I had to experience today. I just took a Calgon moment and let go of all the ugly that I had experienced. What a gift, to be able to let all that negativity go and find peace once more.

Weight Loss Secret Physical Activity: 30 minutes on the Wii Fit Board.

July 6, 2009/Day 79
Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey
Weight Loss Secrets

Weight Loss Secret Diet Today I ate: Macadamia nuts & organic raisins, a coconut raw fruit & nut bar, 1 banana, grapes, cherries, coconut granola, 56 oz. water.

Weight Loss Secret Emotionally: I am feeling charged today. I started school today, and my 2 youngest children have started a new daycare. Lots of stuff going on! Trying to get in control of my finances, and my home life, and my physical being, it’s a lot to juggle all at one time!

Weight Loss Secret Physically: Coworker is noticing I’ve lost weight. I am wearing an outfit that I bought off of E-bay that was supposed to be my size, but when it arrived, it was far too tight. So, it fits today and I am feeling good about that!

Weight Loss Secret Mentally: I am trying to get organized. I came home from work and folded a load of laundry and put it away. I have decided to complete one load of laundry every day so as not to have it sneak up on me ever again. Once I get through the mountain that is in my laundry room, and sort out what does not fit, I will be in tall cotton.

Weight Loss Secret One way I love myself today: I started school.

Weight Loss Secret Physical Activity: 30 minutes walking with some stairs thrown in for good measure.

July 7, 2009/Day 80
Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey
Weight Loss Secrets

Today I ate: Macadamia nuts & organic raisins, a lemon raw fruit & nut bar, 1 banana, grapes, cherries, a nectarine, a salad with Darlene’s avo/orange dressing and 72 oz. water.

Emotionally: I have 10 more days to go for the completion of my 90 day challenge. I knew that I was going to get here, but I did not know the extent of the change I would experience during the challenge.

Physically: We have Swiffer floor cleaner here at work, and I haven’t used it in quite some time. The floor around my desk was terribly dirty, so I pulled out the Wet Swiffer, and went to work on cleaning the floor. I used to love the nice clean smell of the floor when it was Swiffered. Today, the smell is noxious and is making me sick. I actually went and got wet paper towels and got down on my hands and knees TWICE to get that horrid smell off my floor. I think my body is changing in more ways than one!

Mentally: I wonder if staying raw will be as easy when I don’t have someone coming to my house to record my weekly progress…I was smelling so many good smells coming out of the break room today, Oh my word, garlic and butter and warm and toasty and yummy. I don’t plan on falling off the wagon, but I don’t dislike those wonderful smells either. I still don’t feel comfortable sitting around the table with my family while they eat SAD food. I wonder how that will iron itself out?

One way I love myself today: I completed my task and put away a basket of clothes. I am ready for a new load tonight!

Physical Activity: 10 minutes of Kettle bell arm exercise.

July 8, 2009/Day 81
Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey
Weight Loss Secrets

Today I ate: Macadamia nuts, cashews & organic raisins, a pecan raw fruit & nut bar, 1 1/2 banana, pineapple, a salad with Darlene’s Avo/orange dressing and pumpkin seeds, carrots and 40 oz. water.

Emotionally: I am dealing with the stress of putting my kids in a new day care. I am just not really happy with it. I am considering having them NOT attend after the end of the week. Here I go again. I took them out of the last one they were in because a teacher squeezed my son’s arm. This one is not secure or organized or anything. They let them watch TV, and I am really having a hard time with it. Luckily there is a plan B.

Physically: I can’t believe how long my roid problem is lasting. I laid off the green smoothies and it has improved greatly, however, it has not gone away. UGH!

Mentally: Life feels like a big juggling act today. I am still doing well on my new commitments to organizing my home. I am glad I have all this new energy to get things accomplished. It’s a great benefit!

One way I love myself today: I got my homework done on time. I was worried I was not going to be able to do it, but I did. I really am happy I have started school, even if it means that I am in a higher stress bracket. I think I will be able to do this.

Physical Activity: 21 minutes on the Wii Fit Board.

July 9, 2009/Day 82
Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey
Weight Loss Secrets

Today I ate: A Green Smoothie with 1 banana, 2 nectarines, spinach & some mixed berries, 2 bite size chunks of pineapple, salsa, guacamole, “raw” mock beans, flaxseed “chips”, 1 Clementine, 1 slice of Raw Chocolate Cheesecake, 2 bites of a Chia Moondrop, 1 banana and 80 oz. water.

Emotionally: More stress with the daycare. I have decided to move to plan B. I am not happy with the care that is given to my children at the current daycare.

Physically: I realize that I don’t like the buzz feeling I get. I watched Matt M. eat some Maca Ice Cream, and I don’t think that I would care for the feeling. Matt looked totally stoned. It does not interest me to experience that type of sensation. I guess I should proceed cautiously when adding new things to my diet.

Mentally: I kind of noticed that I ate past when my body said, “I am satiated.” I can’t say I am stuffed, but I ate past the regular point I would normally stop at. I think it is good to be conscious of what my body is saying. I think it is possible to over eat and gain weight on a raw food diet. I don’t want to go backwards, only forward!

One way I love myself today: I bought these Chia Moondrops for myself. They looked so appetizing to me. It is my co-workers birthday today, and I told her I would buy her lunch from Go Raw Café. She picked out a slice of cheesecake from the menu. So, I went and picked up the treat, and thought I would treat myself as well. However, it taught me a lesson in what it means to have a somewhat cleaned up body. I took two bites of a Chia Moondrop, and totally had a buzz going. What’s up with that? I googled Chia seeds and it turns out, they are considered a superfood. So, I gave the whole container to my co-worker. She liked them better than the mock cheesecake. So, I tried something new and shared the RAW life with someone else.

Physical Activity: None

July 10, 2009/Day 83 
Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey
Weight Loss Secrets

Today I ate: I had cashews & raisins, a raw lemon bar, salsa, and guacamole, “raw” mock beans, flaxseed “chips” which were leftovers from yesterday, the rest of my slice of Raw Chocolate Cheesecake, carrots, 64 oz. water.

Emotionally: I feel good today. I bought a couple of RAW un-cook books. I think I just enjoy seeing so many other people out there that I can identify with. This one chef has a quote in his book that I just found hilarious! He ships raw food out every day, and the motto is “We don’t cook, so you don’t have to!” Very witty! I feel good because my child’s grandmother is going to watch the kids for 6 weeks while I try and get Ruth potty trained. Then we will see which direction we go.

Physically: I want to start out by saying that I am not big on hanging out in front of my mirror every morning. (What a waste of time!) I don’t wear make up and I don’t understand women who take an hour and a half to get ready in the morning. I shower and brush my teeth, throw on some deodorant and some moisturizer, and I am pretty much ready. I am just not wired to primp and preen. Ugh! The thought is completely distasteful to me. I guess there are two sides to that coin. I see someone who is ultimately not comfortable in their own skin to have to search for wrinkles or blemishes, or whatever it is they are doing in the mirror. And then to hide themselves in a mask of make-up…AAHHH! Shame on our society for making women feel so uncomfortable with who they really are. Shame on men! They certainly don’t cover up blemishes with make up, etc. Then, I try to see these women’s point of view. Perhaps they feel they are putting their best foot forward, and I can’t really say I understand their point of view. I think it is part of being objectified as a marketable item, not a human being…but that is just me. So, anyway, I say all that to say I did look in the mirror this morning after my shower. I have had these two little skin tags around my eyes for a couple of years. They didn’t really stand out, and I am sure no one else really would even notice them. I just viewed them as part of the aging process. Well, this morning, I thought I had another one starting and I leaned in the mirror and wiped my eye and it turned out to just be sleep from my eye. I decided to inspect those two skin tags while I was up close and personal in the mirror, and realized they weren’t there! Waaaaaahooooo! What a thrill that was! I hated them, but what was I going to do about them? I love all the benefits of a RAW food diet!

Mentally: I have 8 more days officially of the raw food challenge; just a week and a day. I am taking that in. Assessing what that means to me.

One way I love myself today: I love that I don’t have a skin tag on either of my eyes. I feel sassy and 41.