Raw Weight Loss Plan


Raw Weight Loss Plan 


Once you have made the decision to shed the extra fat from your body having a weight loss plan can be a road to forming new healthy habits. A thought is a plan and for some reason writing it down further defines the agreement between our self and our new decision.




I like to test out my decisions by doing a 30-day trial. 30 days is a perfect amount of time to give our decision a trail run. Find out what works and what does not work for us during those 30 days. A friend of mine, Steve Pavlina, has a great article on 30-day trails its a great way to get started on any path. You get to try on your idea for 30-days and see if it fits.

To start your Health Plan begin with the ending in mind.

  1. Why do you want to loss weight? Health, looks, energy,etc
  2. During your 30 day trail how much weight to do you see yourself losing? Come up with a number and think from the end in mind, I am __________!
  3. What type of food are you going to eat and why? Deciding what foods you are going to eat assists you to create your new habit.
  4. Create weekly menus. This keep you on track ALWAYS carry your food with you!
  5. Keep a journal and log:
    • How you feel physically
    • Emotionally
    • Mentally
    • The foods you are eating and how much. You might find you are less hungry eating live foods.
    • Any physical exercise or daily movement you do.
    • Most importantly write down at least 1 quality you love about you everyday during the 30 days.

Your weight loss/health plan is a road to shedding that unhealthy fat and an opportunity to create better health, mental clarity and a deeper connection with yourself. Once the 30 days are up look back in your journal and reflect on what worked and what did not.

When the 30 days are up you can choose to rewrite your plan with all the processes that worked over the first 30 days and begin another 30 days. Enough 30 day trails adds up to months and eventually years of healthy habits formed.Our busy lives can handle 30 days, start small and before you know it you are a better more improved you!

Remember during your journey to honor yourself with your:

  • Power: you CAN do anything you want to do!
  • Love: fall in-love with yourself, share your love and experience growth beyond your dreams.
  • Trust: in yourself and the universe. When you trust in you and what you want for yourself life shows up to assist you in creating anything you want. Believe you are a Sorcerous or sorcerer and what you command just happens. It will!
  • For examples of weight loss plan journals check out Robyn’s weight loss 90 day journals.

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