Weight Loss Motivation


Weight Loss Motivation 

You Can Do IT!

One of the biggest roadblocks towards shedding pounds is weight loss motivation!

Motivation is the internal condition that activates behavior and gives it direction; energizes and directs goal-oriented behavior. The key is to find the fuel, the energy to keep us on our path towards less body mass, movement and health.

What steps can we take to achieve motivation for weight loss, health, or whatever positive road your on? Understanding motivation comes from a positive and emotional connect to our self. How can each one of us become energized to stay on our desired path?

7 Steps To Weight Loss Motivation

  1. Weight Loss Motivation: Intelligent Thought- Gaining VS Losing:
    Start by thinking in terms of gaining health, mobility, or smaller clothing size. Keep any and all feel-good thoughts that come to mind. We want to gain something by shedding those unhealthy pounds, not lose.The term “losing” weight may subconsciously give us a sense of loss. We, humans, like to gain not loss. Begin each day with an intelligent thought about what you are going to gain on your new path.Read up and find more information of what benefits you will gain when you gain what body size and health you desire.

    • Active life
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Fun clothes shopping experience
    • Connection with yourself and overcoming emotional disconnection.
    • Make your own list.
  2. Weight Loss Motivation: Your Truth: Believe What You Want To See:
    Do you want to believe what the scale or mirror shows OR do you want to believe what you want to see?
    We have imaginations because “What we can believe we can be!” Change the belief about yourself and see how the world shifts to make it true.

    • I am beautiful!
    • I am strong!
    • I can do anything!
    • I weight 130 pounds. My thighs are thin and muscular.
    • Fresh foods are more delicious than anything, I feel vibrant when I eat them!
    • That piece of chocolate cake does not taste as good as the vision in my mind.

    You get the point. See yourself the way you want to see you!

  3. Weight Loss Motivation: Understanding “You ARE Will POWER-FULL!”
    I have said it before and I will say it again “You Are Will Power!” Just think about this for a minute.Are you familiar with the process of how you are created from egg and sperm? Let me explain it in the complex of Will Power.

    • #1 The conditions of conception must be perfect. Female must be ovulating (egg present). Next Copulation with ovulating female and male ejaculation with millions of microscopic sperm must happen.
    • #2 Sperm and Egg join. Out of millions of tiny sperm, just one must swim all the way upwards to get in contact with egg. Then once the sperm (*understand this is not an easy as it sounds) is in contact with the egg it must force its way inside the egg. Will Power is present!
    • #3 2 single cell organisms form and multiple cell human organism, capable of thought, reason and the ability to achieve anything.
    • #4 9 months and birth. 9 months underwater, we have the Will Power to change and adapt. We have the knowing when it is time for us to exit our warm slippery environment. We transfer from breathing from a tube attached to our bellies and begin breathing with our set of lungs. Let me tell you if you have not had a baby or not witnessed one being born, birth can be an amazing Will Power-ful process.

    You came from the Will Power to come into this world, to play, experience, and be or do anything you want. Sit for a minute and remember how Will Power-ful you are!

  4. Weight Loss Motivation: Love Of Self
    Love yourself enough to do what you feel is best for your body! Motivate yourself by finding one thing you love about yourself per day. Write it down and post it around the house. Hug yourself, fall in love with yourself, like you fall in love with another:

    • Take yourself on date.
    • Do something special, affectionate, for you at least once a day that is not about food. (Remember buying you a candy or anything unhealthy is not love.)
    • Text yourself a sweet message about you.
    • Write yourself a love letter or email yourself a love note.
    • Buy yourself a bunch of flowers or better yet plant yourself some flowers.
    • Love, Love, Love YOU!
  5. Weight Loss Motivation: You Are Surrounded By Support!
    You and I are connected. Whenever we make a strong definite decision to do something we start to meet others that support that decision. We are all connected!When I wanted to start eating an all raw diet I invited a friend of mine over for a raw lunch. She totally enjoyed the food and thought she would “eat this way if someone would make it for her.” Within 6 months she was changing her diet to an all raw food lifestyle and within 2 years she had lost 60 pounds and was teaching raw food lifestyle classes.
  6. Weight Loss Motivation: Courage and Confidence To Be, Do, Or Have What You Want! 
    It takes inner strength and confidence to say YES to want you want. When we change something as big as our diet and thinking many of those around us become uncomfortable. They may be use to you being and eating a certain way. Many times people feel like you are questioning their ways just by being different.You can begin by explaining to those around that you feel you want to become healthy, will be changing your diet and (here’s the key) would like their help in staying on your path. Also include that in no way do you expect them to be different you love them for who they are. When you come out in the beginning with what you are doing it can clear up any misunderstandings and defenses.Until your courage and strength is strong enough when you go to parties or gatherings go full or bring a dish to share. Because I have little ones every time I go to an event or birthday party I always bring along a delicious treat to share.My kids always feel apart of the party and have never wanted to eat cooked foods because there is always a delicious dish available. Before Robyn went to a party she told me that she prepared herself my deciding ahead of time that the party was for the child and not for food.

    Lastly remember change takes courage, love and desire to have what you want. All it takes is one time to say YES to what you don’t want and you will feel more and more empowered the more time you do!

  7. Weight Loss Motivation: You Have The Right To Be Thin, Healthy, And Vibrant!
    You are the authority in your life!Many times in our live, especially when we begin to change, we start to hear voices in our head of our inadequacies. They may be voices from our past or just our own voice and belief of our self.These are not true voices they are NOT real. These thoughts come from within your head and are NOT from your spirit or being! These voices have gotten you in trouble in the past. They have gotten you to where you are now.Eradicate those unhealthy voices, they do not serve you and focus on the vision of what you do want.

    When a negative thought or voice comes up:

    • “You could have one more piece of cake,”
    • “You have been doing so good whats a little piece of chocolate going to do,”
    • “You are fat, ugly, not worth it, etc”

    Stay strong and true, you are the leader in your life, not the voice. Tell that voice “thank you for reminding me what I do want. I am the boss now and I love me enough to understand you are not my truth anymore!”You have the authority in your life now so use your powers for your best!

    Robyn’s Week #9 90 Day Raw Food Journal Entries
    Robyn’s Weight Loss Motivation Moments

    June 16, 2009/Day 59
    On Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey
    Weight Loss Motivation

    Today I ate: Carrots, raisins w/ cashews, a green smoothie with 2 bananas, spinach, and strawberries, cucumber mix with sunflower pate, avocado, dill and sea salt with romaine lettuce leaves, 1 banana, 1 apple and 72 oz. of water.

    Emotionally: I am not well today. I just got the news that I have lost my car, and the bank wants me to turn in my van next Wednesday. AAAAHHH!

    Physically: I am doing pretty well. I have noticed that my bowl movements are completely different. It used to be that I had to go, I went and I was done. Now, it is about a 15 minute process and it seems to give me an uncomfortable feeling that I am not used to experiencing. That is a surprise to me! I thought it could do nothing but get better.

    Mentally: I am just keeping my eyes on the prize today. {Weight Loss Motivation} I am focused on my healthy changes. I am going to get through this issue without falling down. I am not even going to trip I am just going to be healthy and make good choices for my body.

    One way I love myself today: I didn’t collapse in a crisis. I just made a way to wade through it. I didn’t allow excuses any reason to try and give me room to falter on my commitment to good health.

    Physical Activity: Walking.

    June 17, 2009/Day 60
    On Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey
    Weight Loss MotivationToday I ate: Green smoothie w/strawberries, spinach & 2 bananas, raisins w/ cashews, grapes, Rawnola, for lunch I had “mock salmon” with veggies and avocado fries, and 72 oz. of water.

    Emotionally: I am in such turmoil! My world is spinning round and round. I am having to juggle so much right now. It just never seems to be calm and easy for very long.

    Physically: I have taken to jogging up the stairs at work. Also, when I do my run for work, I am taking the stairs instead of the elevator. (At least 3 floors, but all the floors)

    Mentally: I feel challenged to maintain my healthy choices while I am going through so much stress. It is easier than I thought, but there are still a few strings pulling at me.

    One way I love myself today: Regardless of what ever situation I am in, {Robyn’s Weight Loss Motivation} I am loving myself by not falling back on self destructive ways. I am not turning to food for comfort. I am just dealing with the issues at hand, head on and going on with my life.

    Physical Activity: Some stairs and some walking.

    June 18, 2009/Day 61 
    On Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey
    Weight Loss Motivation

    Today I ate: Green grapes, raisins w/ cashews, an apple, Rawnola, & for lunch I had the other half of my” mock salmon” with veggies and avocado fries and a garlic square, cantaloupe, 2 bananas, and 72 oz. of water.

    Emotionally: I am working on unraveling myself from having my car repossessed. It is really an unfortunate set of circumstances. But, nothing can be done but to just accept the inadequacies of my attorney and to move forward, and I have a new car already, and I still have so many blessing in my life, that I am not going to worry about this bump in the road.

    Physically: I am feeling a little more energy this week. I was up late doing dishes last night after a long day at work, and then a church service. I am usually done by then, but I had the energy to keep going and I got a load of dishes done. Here a little there a little!

    Mentally: I am seeing a little bit of conflict in some of the people I am trying to learn from (Aside from Darlene, who has not given me any cross information.) One known raw foodist did an article about fat cells. He was saying that the more fat you add to your body, the more fat cells you have. However, there were some studies done, and it stated that your body maintains the same amount of fat cells no matter what your weight; the fat cells themselves just get larger or smaller. One other speaker says Cacao is a super food, and another one says that it’s bad for you. It is interesting so see these variances of opinion. I feel like I am seeking out data from “experts” in the field of RAW nutritionand I am finding completely opposite ends of the spectrum information. It feels a tad confusing to a new raw foodist, such as myself to be able to discern who’s right and who isn’t. I guess it boils down to personal preference in some cases. Like mushrooms, and bakers yeast, B-12 supplements, etc.

    One way I love myself today: I and my children are headed to the circus to enjoy some R & R today! If a circus can’t wash away your troubles, than nothing will!

    Physical Activity with weight loss motivation: Some more stairs and some more walking.

    Remember we are the only one who can motivate our selves. Weight loss motivation or any kind of motivation happens within our mind. Decide what you want, look around, and you will find all you need to achieve your goals.

    For more information about achieving weight loss motivation or any kind of self development check out: Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth By Steve Pavlina


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