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Weight Loss Information:
Fresh Thoughts And Foods

Fresh Raw Food Diet Weight Loss

Welcome to weight loss information for those looking to expand their mind and change their eating habits. There seems to be a trend to loss weight while continuing to eat the same way and think the same thoughts.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein
Much of the weight loss information contained in this website is information you may have already heard. You know what you can do for yourself. You are the one that must be ready to change your thoughts and take action towards the possibilities within you!


Weight Loss Information #1:
Questioning Your Negative Thoughts About Yourself

For weight loss to occur:

  1. Your negative thoughts about yourself must change!

Its time to change the way you look at yourself and you will change.
Question the negative thoughts you carry around about yourself.
Then question them:

1.Is it true?

  • The answer is a “yes” or a “no” only.
  • If your answer is a “no”, please continue to question #3.

2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?

3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought? (Occasionally people find the following sub-questions helpful.)

  • Does that thought bring peace or stress into your life?
  • Describe the feelings that happen physically when you believe that thought?
  • How do you treat that person and others when you think that thought?
  • How do you treat yourself when you think that thought?
  • What addictions/obsessions begin to manifest when you think that thought? (Alcohol, credit cards, food, the TV remote?)
  • What images do you see (past and/or future) when you believe that thought? Close your eyes, relax, contemplate, witness.
  • Where and when did that thought first occur to you (at what age)?

4. Who would you be without the thought?

  • Close your eyes and drop your story just for a moment; notice, who would you be without that thought? Who would you be without your story?

Turn the thought around.

  • Statements can be turned around to the self, to the other, to the opposite, and occasionally there are other variations as well. Also, when dealing with an object, replace the object with “my thinking” or “my thoughts,” if it rings true for you. Find a minimum of three genuine, specific examples for the turnarounds that are as true as or truer than your original statement.

For print outs and more information check out Byron Katie’s Website.

Weight Loss Information #2:
Falling In Love With Yourself

Write Down your weight loss information so you can see it, feel it and be apart of the thoughts about yourself. Write down ONE thing you love or like about yourself everyday. If you can’t love yourself overweight how will you get to where you want to be? You are where you are. You will always have you in your life.

Friends, lovers, colleges, even children can leave, die, and still you will have yourself. You are an amazing being, as long as you are alive you can see the love within yourself again.

Weight Loss Information #3:
Add Fresh Organic Live Foods Into Your Body

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. This information is as old as the hills. Yet still more fast food restaurants go up and the average grocery store has less than 10% fresh foods available with very little organic. Yes, I am here to tell you eating fresh may be more work than fast food and yes it will be worth the extra step.

Start by seeking out an alternative health food store that sells fresh organic produce or even better feel free to start a garden or visit a community garden. Then take a trip, just a visit to this healthy grocery store or garden.

Grocery or Garden Trip:

  • Observe the bright fresh colors and fresh organic leafy greens.
  • Walk around, be in the moment and enjoy the life in you and around you.
  • Feel free if you so choose to buy a few fresh organic greens and fruits, for a delicious green smoothie.
  • This market, grocery store, or garden, is your new friend, keep in touch weekly.

Weight Loss Information #4: One Fresh Idea At A Time

Start with one simple step at a time.

  1. Breakfast: For the first week or month eat a fresh breakfast. Begin each day with fresh organic fruit or a delicious green smoothie.
  2. Water: For the second week or month add 1 gallon of water to each day and eliminate soda pop of any kind.
  3. Fruit Til Noon: For the third week or month add 2 fresh meals a day, perhaps fruit or green smoothie breakfast and green salad for lunch. Already after one to 2 weeks you may be feeling lighter.
  4. Breathe And Sun: For the forth week or month start taking 10 deep breaths a day, in the sun either first thing in the morning or right before the sun sets, for 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Movement: For week or month number five its time to move. How much exercise and movement to you get? Start biking, playing or walking your way towards health. Remember being a kid and begin to be that kid again. Play, Play Play Everyday!

Follow these steps, get use to them and come back for more!


Weight Loss Information On
Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Weight Loss
Journal Entries Week #7

June 1, 2009/Day 44

Weight Loss Information On Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey

Today I ate: A Green smoothie with raspberries, banana & spinach, raisins, cashews, spinach salad with onion, carrot, celery, almonds & raisins, dinner was watermelon and another piece of raw pecan pie.

Emotionally: It’s Monday, and I am down 26 lbs. Man, that is cool! I am feeling good about the 4 lb. loss for the week. I have noticed a change in my energy since I have stopped taking the B-12. I feel like I have fooled myself. There I was thinking I was on my way to finding nirvana, but I was really just over stimulated from a vitamin. I am sure I will get to the place I keep hearing about where you just feel euphoric. Patience is a virtue the Bible says!

Physically: I’ve noticed that I feel very little discomfort from my plantar fasciitis lately. The more I lose, I think the more distant that physical issue will become.

Mentally: I am ready for a new week. I have found someone else in the RAW food community that I am interested in learning more from/about. I like that there is a whole world out there that is good and positive and healthy and interesting!

Weight Loss Information #2: One way I love myself today: I ate pie. I am having some sweet cravings…I am listening to my body, and realize, it’s time for my monthly bill. Only now, instead of a chocolate bar, I really dug into the raisins today for something sweet, and of course the pecan pie. The love part comes from giving my body what it needed and doing it in a healthy way.

Physical Activity: 30 minute walk.

June 2, 2009/Day 45

Weight Loss Information On Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey

Today I ate: A Green smoothie with strawberries, banana & kale, 2 small apples, spinach salad with onion, carrot, celery, almonds & raisins, watermelon. Dinner was the last piece of raw pecan pie. I am only eating the crust, as I wasn’t really happy with the filling, so it is really just pecans and dates.

Emotionally: I feel good because a dear friend of mine is trying to go raw, and was inspired by my 90 day RAW Challenge! I am sending out a great big hug to her and hope that she finds success in her endeavors!

Physically: The human body is a pretty interesting thing. I was sitting at my desk, reading a manual and I suddenly could taste chocolate ice cream with brownies, the next moment, I could taste the tang of tomato sauce and pasta…Man, withdrawals are something else!

Mentally: I am feeling an internal balance in my life today. It isn’t always there, but I am appreciating it while it is with me!

Weight Loss Information #2: One way I love myself today: I ordered a new plunger for my Vita-mix. I totally destroyed the one I currently own. Darlene says, “We all do it once!” I hope she’s is correct, and this is the only time I shred my plunger. I wanted to share something. Yesterday I was at the grocery store, and the casher mis-read the receipt and tried to give me $10.00 as cash back. I could have put the money that was in my hand into my wallet and walked away. What I did do was tell the cashier I didn’t select the cash back option on the screen and handed her back the $10.00. I made the right choice. Today, when I ordered my plunger, I had the same debit card out that I used yesterday at the grocery store and was ready to give the Vita-mix representative my card to pay for my new plunger ($12.00 plus shipping) and she said she was going to give me a one time only offer and mail it to me for free! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! There is a God, and He is good!

June 3, 2009/Day 46

Weight Loss Information On Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey

Today I ate: Raisins, cashews, a bit of a green smoothie with pineapple, strawberries & kale. I snacked on a few carrot & celery sticks, a few grape tomatoes also, and for dinner I had 2 bananas and some macadamia nuts.

Emotionally: I don’t want to swell in the negative, and I am so very happy about the weight loss I have experienced thus far. However, I am taking a long look at my physical body and I again am questioning the “why” of allowing my body toget to this place. Over half of my life has been spent being over weight, dealing with a negative self image, and not being my own support system. If I am not going to love me, who else would be able to love me? Well, perhaps the change has come for me. I am ready to be my own cheerleader. I can do it! This is possible! I can succeed! Go RAWbyn!

Physically: I just realized this morning that I am feeling a little more spry. I bent over to tie my shoes this morning, and it wasn’t such a challenge. The flab around my gut isn’t quite as much as it was, and it makes a difference!

Mentally: I am excited to see my little man perform at school this evening. My camera on my phone is broken and my digital camera is broken too. I am leaning on his father to record this special moment. All my children seem to be growing up so fast. I am glad I am taking the steps to keep up with them, to live a long life and treasure them as long as I possibly can.

Weight Loss Information #2: One way I love myself today: I made time to share a special occasion with my oldest daughter. It’s her “end of year” class party at school, and I took some time off to be there with her, and help her celebrate a day of recognition for her. This is her last year in elementary school. She is headed to 6th grade, so I am doubly glad I am able to be there for her.

June 4, 2009/Day 47

Weight Loss Information On Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey

Today I ate: Raisins, cashews, baby carrots, Green Smoothie with pineapple, peaches and spinach, more raisins & macadamia nuts

Emotionally: Yesterday was too much for me. My oldest daughter has never seen her father. Before she was born we had an agreement about his involvement in her life. He did not keep his word. It really bothered me yesterday. Looking at her beautiful face and seeing so much of him in her. He has missed so much of her life, and she is so wonderful, I just couldn’t tell it all. I ached for him to be there and see her at her graduation ceremony, to look at her with the same pride and love I have for her. I know he couldn’t help but feel it too if he saw her. She really is his spitting image. So that was really weighing heavily on me. Then several other events happened during my day and into the evening that were more than I could deal with and I made some poor choices, none of them pertaining to food, which used to be my way of reaching for comfort. Well, in trying to step away from that bad habit, I…guess I need to work on my communication skills. I got into a heated exchange with someone, and as I did not lower myself to the standards of the other individual, who chose to use some serious vulgarity, I still could have avoided the situation. I am going to use this as a situation to learn from and hopefully develop into a better individual.

Physically: My back is finally starting to feel better. I am happy about that. I think a bike ride is in order to celebrate!

Mentally: I feel introspective today. I guess I am going through some mental growing pains.

Weight Loss Information #2: One way I love myself today: I am working on forgiveness for myself and my poor choices last night.

Physical Activity: None

June 5, 2009/Day 48

Weight Loss Information On Robyn’s 90 Day Raw Food Journey

Today I ate: scoop of raw hummus w/ slices of carrots, zucchini & flax crackers, a green smoothie w/ banana, strawberries, pineapple, orange & spinach, 1 cup carrots, 2 banana’s & macadamia nuts.

Emotionally: I had an appointment with someone today that I hadn’t seen in two months, and I kept waiting for her to comment on my weight loss. Well, I guess it isn’t that apparent yet, because she never said anything. That was kind of a let down.

Physically: I am embarrassed at my lack of movement this week. I am planning to go to the park tomorrow though, so I am not too unhappy with myself.

Mentally: I had a mental health day today. I have some situations in my near future that I need to focus on, and I am gearing up for the tasks I am about to undertake.

Weight Loss Information #2: One way I love myself today: I took care of myself today by seeking out the help I need to be successful in my life. I like to have some guidance that is helpful in making my future a better one.

Physical Activity: None

Have you lost weight on raw foods too?

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