Vitamix Review


Vitamix Review


Darlene’s Vitamix Review
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I am concerned my Vitamix review may be a bit slighted, can you really be in-love with an appliance? After 12 years of using the Vitamix at least 10 times a day I can honestly say this is THE BEST blending unit you will ever own.

Vitamix Review:
10 Reasons Why you may want to sell everything you own
and purchase a Vitamix as soon as possible:

  1. Banana Ice Cream
  2. Fresh Raw Soups
  3. Delicious and Nutritious Green Smoothies
  4. Homemade Dressings and Sauces in Minutes
  5. Grinding nuts and seeds
  6. Whole Juices
  7. 8 Year Warranty
  8. Will Out Last Most Marriages
  9. Cost Efficiency
  10. Vitamix Customer Service
    1. Vitamix Review~ Banana Ice Cream: Because of its unique design and damper you can push down 4 frozen bananas and any other fruit you’d like to add without having to stop the machine. In 30 sec to 1 minute you have soft-serve frozen banana ice cream. The other high power blender DO NOT have the damper and it may take you several stop and go attempts before your ice cream is done.


    1. Vitamix Review~ Fresh Raw Soups: My children love fresh raw soups,Carrot Ginger, Raw Vegan Chowder and Tomango. In the Vitamix, making soups is as simple as tossing in all the ingredients, place the lid on top and blend on high until warm. What better way to get your greens and veggies than in a delicious soup?


    1. Vitamix Review~ Delicious and Nutritious Green Smoothies:First and foremost green smoothies, if made correctly, are one of the most delicious treats you will ever have. Second, in order to break the delicate yet strong cellulose wall of the leaf green plant you must chew 20-25 times per bite. Hold on a minute I have great new for you, with a Vitamix you can blend your green into the delicious green smoothie and then drink it. Greens get in and you can practice on your chewing later.


    1. Vitamix Review~ Homemade Dressings and Sauces in Less than a Minute:I know many who are doing their best to eat a healthy salad for lunch and dinner and then put high fat, high calorie dressing on their salad. Great news within minutes you can blend up fresh ingredients into the Vitamix and scrumptious low fat dressings to top your favorite fresh greens.
    2. Vitamix Review~ Grinding nuts and seeds: I love making my own raw cakes and flax breads by grinding my own seeds and nuts. You can even grind your won sprouted grains in seconds for fresh homemade baked goods.
    3. Vitamix Review~ Whole Juices: Unless you need to avoid fiber for health reasons fiber is the part of the plant that pushes all the other foods through your system. In addition I have found that it preserves the food as well. For instance if you blend carrots apple juice it may last as long as 3 days in the fridge. Putting apples and carrots through a juice extractor will take 2 to 3 times or more carrots and apples and you must drink it immediately or you lose nutrients by the second.
    4. Vitamix Review~ 8 Year Warranty:  Do I need to explain this 8 year warranty any further? We rarely get many guarantees in life and this is one of the best.
    5. Vitamix Review~ Will Out Last Most Any Other Blending Unit: My first Vitamix bought 12 years ago is still going strong and I have a friend that has one from the 70′s and she still makes delicious smoothies everyday. How many appliances can you say are still going strong after 30 plus years.


    1. Vitamix Review~ Cost Effective: Lets say you think you can’t afford to get a new Vitamix for $500 with tax or a Reconditioned one for $400 with tax and you are going to settle for the blender you bought from Wal-xyz for around $30. You blend everyday until at the end of 30 days it stops blending.You buy another and this continues over the course of the next 8 years thats $2880. Your Vitamix only cost you $250 down with 1 payment of $125 in 30 days and a second $125 payment in 60 days. The cost of the Vitamix over the course of 8 years (warranty) $5.21 dollars a month or $.14 a day. Still think you can’t afford it?


  1. Vitmix Review~ Vitamix Customer Service: I know there are still so many more benefits I could go on forever and I promise I won’t. For me customer service is the most important reason I offer the Vitamix on Raw Food Diet Inspiration.Vitamix Customer Service Story: 5 years ago my Vitamix 5000 was sounds like it needed to be service I called them on Monday morning. By Tuesday Morning I had a box sent to my address Free of charge to me. I put the Vitamix in the box and called UPS they came a picked it up that day. Now let me say once you have a Vitamix you become, for lack of a better word, dependent on it. Let me just say in the end my Vitamix was back to me by Friday. From Monday’s call to Friday I had my Vitamix back and it cost me $0 and 0 time.

When it comes to Customer Service Vitamix is hands down one of the best companies I have ever bought from.