The Living Foods Lifestyle


Falling In Love
The Living Foods Lifestyle! 
Falling in love with the living foods lifestyle is the first step towards a deeper connection with ourselves! The raw food diet is more than just food. I feel the raw food lifestyle is a path to connect and experience more clarity, love and life within ourselves and towards those around us.



We fall in love with people, partners, books, and foods. Falling in love with a new idea, thought and lifestyle is much the same.

First we get inspired or in-spirit! Knowing something is true for us gives us a sense of excitement within ourselves, a spark. When living in inspiration we are intrigued to know more, perhaps even do things we once thought were impossible. Like not eating pizza and ice cream or hugging people we just met.

I love to be inspired and in love I find myself expanding in every direction. Exceeding new limits in my body, mind and spirit. I feel the best I could possibly feel!

During the course of my raw food journey I feel happier and happier. I feel clear minded. I am more loving and giving both to myself, and those I come in contact with. My friendships are stronger and true. I only meet amazing people and everyone I come in contact with in always kind.

By eliminating low energetic foods that are processed and preserved. While, increasing and or eating only high energetic living foods especially, organic ripe fruits and greens, I bring high energetic life into my body. With each passing year I feel more youthful and inspired to do more and be more of who I am meant to be.


Staying Inspired and In Love with The Living Foods Lifestyle

Keep yourself inspired on the raw lifestyle by finding new ways to keep the inspiration going. Read new Books, watch new videos, find a new website, new friends and or a new tasty recipe. Even planning a raw event or potluck to mingle with others is a great way to stay connect with others.

Remember the living foods lifestyle is meant to be

  • Fun
  • Healthy
  • Freeing
  • Time Saving
  • Life Living
  • Spiritually Uplifting
  • Youth Supporting
  • Connecting
  • Allowing
  • And Full Of LOVE!

If this is not how your feeling step back, relax, take a deep breathe and remember the why your here. In this moment what thoughts are keeping you from what you want?

Feel free to write them down and ask yourself is this true? Byron Katie’s 4 Questions and A Turn Around help me. Take time to reconnect with those thoughts that serve your highest good. Love is who we all are! Connect with the love within yourself and you will be back on track, healthy and strong again!