Raw food diet testimonials from amazing men and women who have been inspired by the inspiration and recipes here at Raw Food Diet Inspiration.com.

I appreciate and love all the feedback and delightful emails I receive daily and would like each and every person to know how important they are to me. I have been transformed from my experience in eating a raw food diet and changing my thoughts to ones of peace, joy and love. My desire is to continue to give you more valuable inspiration as the years magically go by! Thank You Thank You for all the raw food diet testimonials, to all my fresh friends and those who visit for just a moment and those to come!


“Your raw recipes are some of my favorite, simple and got me through a lot of cravings. Love your pizza and salad dressings…”Wendi

“Darlene’s raw creations are so delicious that my stomach has declared her to be his best friend.” Steve Pavlina


I really enjoy receiving your recipes! I love the pizza recipe!Christine


“I LOVE your website!! You are such an inspiration. I am experimenting with different raw recipes and I ALWAYS find incredible recipes and results from you. The raw pizza is such a winner. Thank you thank you thank you!!!” Colleen


I tried to go raw in November after reading The 80/10/10 Diet. I aimed for 2000 calories a day of mostly grapes, bananas, papayas, and greens. Immediately I started counting different ways in which I felt better from my previous high-fat cooked vegan eating. However, I found myself pretty distracted by the cooked food world around me. At night, after trying to go to sleep I often went for an entire pound bag of dates – and felt guilty for overeating.

When I came home to visit my parents every week or so, I found it especially difficult to focus on our games and conversations … I was thinking about the beans and pasta awaiting me in the kitchen. I felt unable to restrain myself and ate up to a day’s worth of cooked food (2000 calories). I thought that I had emotional eating issues, and would have to work on dealing with my feelings appropriately to stay raw.

This went on for the rest of the year. Now by 2011, I had discovered 30 Bananas a Day! and found out that a man should eat at least 3000 calories a day.

For the next 80 days, I ate nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables! I usually made it to 3000 calories. It was easier to be raw this time, and I could control my cravings. Still, I felt as if I was missing out!

I thought about pesto burgers and other old favorites on a semi daily basis. I ate cooked food in my dreams! Finally, I made the conscious decision to celebrate some time alone with my sister, with a bowl of pasta. I regretted breaking my streak. yet indulged thoughts of what my next cooked meal would be. This led to more than a month of eating cooked food on and off. My motivation and happiness decreased and I wished I had never “fallen off the wagon.”

I decided that it was time to conspire, to set things up so that failure would be nearly impossible! I had noticed the correlation between how much I ate and how much I craved. So, I chose to eat at least 4000 calories a day, but effectively as much as I could or cared for. I bought boxes and boxes of fresh dates from Bautista Family so that I would never run out of ripe fruit.

For the last 20 days I’ve been eating 4000-6000 calories of dates, bananas, mangoes, and salad. It has made a big difference in my ability to focus on other aspects of my life, and how content I feel physically at the end of the day. Even though I’ve spent these past weeks at my family’s house (formerly my binge center), cooked food has had almost no appeal to me. I’m no longer left wondering whether I’ll be able to sustain my fresh diet, so I can put extra energy into my writing and other endeavors. Even when something sad comes up, cooked food doesn’t come to mind because I just had a huge smoothie for breakfast.

I’ve concluded that although dense cooked foods can serve to numb our emotions, the main reason I once craved them was because I was already underfed! My body sought something to fill me up quick! When we eat enough fruit (which may be more than we think), it’s easier to feel satisfied physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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“Thank you Thank you for your words of inspiration..Believe it or not I am 97 percent RAW FOOD.!!!!! I love the way I feel ..energized and not to mention the weight loss so far I am down 17 lbs..still have a long way to go….But I take it one day at a time..I also have my 3 children at home with spouse who still eat cooked food..So I do cook for them ..and so far still manage to control myself and stick to Fresh raw fruits and veggies….I have done raw in the past so I know the benefits are endless.. I have a nephew who is 24 he is autistic and he has been eating raw for over 2yrs. when I see how much his life has improved ..I just felt that I need to try again..so Im did .I just hope that I can be blessed with the will power to continue….Thank you for your hug….I would like to hug you back so here goes..squeeeezzeee…there that felt really good…..enjoy your day..because life is beautiful…. “ Alicia


“The video was just what I needed! I’ve started a month long cleanse and know the cravings will come. I appreciate the tip about drinking water. I notice personally that when I am dehydrated that most issues tend to surface. I enjoy your e-mails and your website. They are truly educational and inspirational!! Good luck as you continue to grow and blossom in your passion and thank you most of all for sharing.” Teresa


“Thanks Darlene. Your hugs are so encouraging. I have cut out wheat products and I do feel much better. I will try to keep up with you. Thanks for the contact and information. I have felt results from eating as much raw “stuff” as I can.”  Betty


“I was looking for green smoothie recipes and am so happy I found your site. You have some amazing recipes! Thanks again for your great recipes.“  Monica

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“You’re such an inspiration! Thanks for the website with easy recipes.I’ve been totally raw for 5yrs and on and off raw for another 1 1/2 because of my pregnancy. Raw food had been my healer when everything else failed. My 2 years old is a miracle from the raw diet :-) I’m 47 yrs now and proud of my age!”  Lee


“I have just discovered your site and love the recipes. I have a family of five teenage children 14, 17, and 20 including my husband and I who have all gone raw.”  Sharon


“Thank you for your videos and especially for your bright and cheerful encouragement. I am a 50 year old very over weight mom of 7 children. 5 of which are still pretty young. I have foot pain and knee pain. My energy is far from what it used to be. I lead a very busy life as a wife and home school mom. I know that I want to eat healthy to avoid serious disease, to regain my energy level and to live out a good example of health to my children. Thank you so much.” Tricia