6 Fresh Inspiring Raw Food Secrets


6 Fresh Inspiring Raw Food Secrets…
Are you feeling frustrated or confused about adding more fresh raw foods into your life? I would love to assist you in creating a healthy shift in your life with 6 Inspiring Fresh Raw Food Secrets to support you in achieving your healthy lifestyle goals. After 15 years in the health field I found it is most important to have fun and enjoy your journey in anything you do. You DO have all the answers within you, just listen…



Raw Food Secrets #1:

Ask yourself “Why do you want to change your current way of eating?” Then come up with an action plan that answers and meets your needs then go over it monthly. Are you ready to add 50%, 75%, or 100% fresh raw foods into your action plan? It can be as simple as adding a green smoothie to your daily routine.

Remember in life do only things you WANT to do! This is your unique journey and food is not as important and you being true to yourself! The only thing you need or should do is to be, have, do what you feel connected to. Eat ONLY what tastes good to you and ONLY do things that you have fun doing!



Raw Food Secrets #2:


Are you one of those people who like to go from A to Z in a moments time? Or is taking your time no matter how long, more your style?


Come up with a time table that works for YOU and remember eat day is perfect as it comes. Be gentle with yourself, if you give into a temptation for a chocolate peanut butter bar or french fries, simply start over the very next moment. Making healthy choices simply takes a bit of practice, awareness and belief in what your doing.


Practice making healthy decisions choosing a fresh salad or smoothie over pancakes or a veggie sandwich minus the cheese instead of a turkey club. Plan ahead by taking food along if necessary and BREATHE, in no time your healthy choices will become easier, like second nature.



 Raw Food Secrets #3:


Are you bored with your current way of eating? Tired of salads and smoothies all the time?

Time to add variety to your life. Although a raw food lifestyle may consist of many salad and smoothie combination’s, altering the way you prepare them can add lots of variety to your life.

Feel free to invest in a new raw or living foods book each month every time you feel yourself getting bored of your current routine. Most raw books have new exciting recipes to create and change a few ingredients to keep it tasting different each time. This process will give you a chance to add variety to your new lifestyle change.


Raw Food Secrets #4:

Supportive relationships provide you with the ability to continue on your path at times when you may feel yourself wavering. Supportive friends can lend a ear when you need to talk about your emotions as they come up, they can share a new fresh recipe you just made and possibly the two of you can play with fresh foods together.

Now days this fresh raw food movement has so many more possibilities and resources with Facebook and Meetup.com you can connect with raw food potlucks or social networking to create the support you need quickly and easily.


 Raw Food Secrets #5:


Everything that gets recorded finds a way of reminding us where we are going. It is almost as if when you put something in print your creating an agreement with yourself. It takes thought and time to write down your emotions, thoughts and all the food your eating throughout the day.

A journal will help you to stay true to your goals, allows you to look back and see where you’ve been and where your headed. Head in the direction you want to go and spend 30 days writing down your:

  • Emotions
  • Foods
  • Physical Movement
  • Intentions
  • Thoughts
  • Ups and Downs

This is your life ,write it down and read it often to see how you’re traveling through your journey.


Raw Food Secrets #6:

A practice is more than a habit you recreate everyday, its a way of being present. Listen within you and pay attention to your calling by asking for what you want and then paying attention to what is showing up in your life. When you listen deep within your heart and spirit you may surprise yourself just how far you can go, what you can do and who you will become.

Make the next 30 days a month to remember! Take time to create new practices by making choices that support your goals, thoughts that support your being and make every moment to live in the moment appreciating where you are NOW.


Ultimately the way you think and feel about your food is the freshest raw secret. Food is only nutrition for your body and who you are already, in this moment, is perfect. If changing the way you look at food and eat food supports you in seeing the amazing YOU then I enjoy being your raw food support system everyday all the time. Contact me with ever you want to share a struggle, a joy or any raw food secrets you may have.

In-Love & Light,
Your fresh raw food secret friend,
Darlene Navarre