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Raw Food What’s That?

The raw food concept was introduced to me over 10 years ago. A friend of mine, who was also a vegan, recommended a new vegan restaurant called The Raw Truth. I decided to give it a try since vegan restaurants where not too popular in Las Vegas, NV.

As a chef, I love to try out my favorite meals to see how others were creating vegan cheeses and other mock food concepts. I ordered their raw lasagna and since I had no idea what raw meant I did not know what to expect.


Darlene, I love your website and recipes, thank you for sharing all your fabulous recipes. Peace, Karen



I began to observe my raw lasagna, from all angles. First I wanted to know what the noodles were so I began to lift one with my fingers, it looked like a noodle and felt like a noodle. Second, the dish felt room temperature. I went up to the counter and told the man he needed to warm up my raw lasagna. He proceeded to explain to me this raw food concept of eating and my mind was completely amazed.





He explained to me, in raw/living food cuisine, raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are combine in creative ways to create delicious comfort food meals without heating them above 105 degrees. My creative head filled with a whole new idea and I was so thrilled to find out more!
Just a quick note about me, when I get that excited about something, I want to find out all the information I can about it. Then I share it with the world lovingly and loudly!


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I proceeded to thoroughly enjoy every explosive morsel of my raw lasagna. Next, I went crazy researching information on the living food lifestyle and recipe creating.

In all my excitement, I began to collect raw information galore. I had no idea where to start a raw food lifestyle or what the benefits I was in store for. After a few books I decided I wanted more and started to purchase one raw or living foods book per month. I read inspiring life changing stories about others who at a 100% raw food diet. I found differences in living foods vs. heated foods.

I learned about the importance of enzymes that are present in all living foods and how heating destroys them. Basically, when enzymes are present your food remains full of life and digestion is simple on your body. This allows your body to work on other areas it may not be able to when your digestion in compromised.


Did you know Enzymes support your body in breaking down your food quickly and easily. Enzymes make foods vibrant and Glowing.



Before my raw food journey, I personally experienced digestive problems and intestinal pain. I had bouts of Ulcerative Colitis. After switching over to a 100% raw diet, my Ulcerative Colitis was gone and my health has been on the rise ever since. Transformation is possible read these raw food diet testimonials.

Living Foods bring more life inside your Body, Mind & Spirit




Many people love the philosophy behind and benefits of eating raw, but often the recipes take hours or even a period of several days to prepare. Everyday Raw Express offers delicious soups and smoothies, pastas and wraps, entrees and desserts all prepared in 30 minutes or less. Matthew Kenney is a chef, restaurateur, caterer, and food writer. He has appeared on the Today Show, the Food Network, and numerous morning and talk shows. Matthew splits his time between New York and Maine. Raw food in 30 minutes or less!


Repair And Regenerate
When we consume all living foods, our bodies has the ability for faster repair and regeneration. I use to be sick and in pain most of my young life. Now, I forgot what pain feels like, YEA!!

In addition, after years of eating raw, I get comments like You look younger now than 5 years ago! I think you look younger than your 20 year old daughter! I will take looking younger any day (see for yourself). I believe living foods add life into your body.

Blake and Darlene 1999



Blake and Darlene 2008


I tried the “Creamy Tomato Soup.” This is a kind of gazpacho made simply with tomatoes, avocado, basil or dill, olive oil and some seasoning like salt, onion powder, garlic cloves and pepper. I made a batch, using Adobo powder because I was out of onion and garlic (this is a garlic salt with herbs used in Latin American cooking.) And, yes, think of it, I was out of onion salt and garlic but I did have an avocado and fresh basil. 


Pretty strange, I’ll admit it. I tossed in the best of extra-virgin olive oil we had. Result? A creamy, frothy pink soup, served chilled that tasted like a buttery version of gazpacho. I had to keep from eating the entire batch in one sitting. It was refreshing and soothing. This soup can be lightly warmed if cold soups don’t float your boat.

 -Joanna Daneman



So Much Information. . . 

What Is Right For Me?

If you seek health, youth, vitality and weight balance, I encourage you to begin by collecting your own information and conduct your own experiments for 30 to 90 days. I have included reviews and information about various raw diets I have experimented with as well as raw diet authors.

Keep in mind many of these raw diet experts may differ on their approach to the how or why eating raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts work. In the beginning, I think it is best to take in the information and then experiment for yourself. You can start by eating as much fresh foods as possible (I like to inspire others with fruit till noon) and then if you feel you want to extend yourself to all raw foods follow your pace.



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I know there are plenty more Raw Diet Experts not included in this website. I encourage you to surf the net, seek out as much information and testimonials until you find what works for you.

Raw Intention

Your intention may be to add more live and raw foods into your diet. I went 100% raw because it made common sense to me. I began questioning why do people cook their foods? Besides flavor, I could not come up with one concrete reason to ingest heated foods anymore. Please enjoy collecting information and experimenting towards the best health path for you. The more raw and live foods you ingest the more you may want to keep eating a fresh diet.