Raw Bagel Bites

The Raw Bagel Story: When going on a raw diet one of the foods I most missed was bagels. Bread really hurt my stomach when I would eat it. I did a No Bread 30 day Trial and for the most part my stomach felt so much better (I didn’t realize I was gluten sensitive until years late). Luckily in one of my new raw food recipes I found a bagel recipe. Immediately I rushed out and found a dehydrator and made raw dehydrated bagels!

Darlene, I love your website and recipes, thank you for sharing all your fabulous recipes. Peace, Karen


These raw crunchy bagel bites are my own version that I tweeked after my experience with the recipe I previously had. This form of raw bread is delicious as a raw sandwich with sliced tomato, onion, avocado and raw mustard. They are fairly easy to create and they gave me that bagel fix I had been missing. I hope you enjoy them as well!


How To Be Your Own Raw Food Chef...& Still Have Time To Eat!

Raw Crunchy Bagel Bites

  • 2 cups sprouted buckwheat
  • 1 date
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 1/4 cup onion
  • 1/4 cup raw carob powder
  • 1 tablespoon caraway seeds or herb seasonings or your favorite fresh herbs.
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt

Blend in a food processor with the “S” blade until mixed well. Shape into a thin circle, on Teff Flex sheets and top with our favorite seasonings. Dry at 105 degrees until dry. Top with garlic oil (raw olive oil, pressed garlic, and sea salt).

This is my favorite dehydrator because it is easy to use, clean up, the trays are the perfect size for raw pizza and how it evenly dehydrates the food. It is one of the best raw food kitchen investments and so much cheaper than a stove.