Candida Remedies


Candida Remedies
How does a raw food diet effect Candida?
What are the best Candida remedies? After many years of itching and scratching I was finally able to get my Candida problem under control by eating a whole, fresh, low fat, raw food diet in 10 days.

There is much debate in the raw food community over what is the best remedy to cure Candida. The only way I know to solve a debate is to do my own experimentation on my own body.
Most of the health professionals and raw food guru’s out there are advising a low sugar, no fruit diet I decided to give it a try. I committed myself to 3 months to eating only fats, greens and non-sweet fruits along with a few herbs to support me in cleansing the over grown yeast in my body.

For the first 30 days I was very careful to follow the diet plan until I couldn’t handle it any longer, my yeast was more then ever out of control.

After resuming to my usual low lat raw food diet the yeast started calming down even though it had not completely left, as I was still continuing to enjoy a half or an avocado or a few nuts here and there. I gave up on the idea of enjoying an itch free body, at least for the moment.

5 years later I came across a more convincing argument surrounding the idea of eating a no overt fat, mono based, raw food diet for 10 days to balance my bodies natural yeast production (I found out that a low level of yeast is still important) to read more  click here. After less then 10 days on Banana Island I was completely itch free and since that time I even started releasing a few extra pounds as well.

For the best Candida remedies for you feel free to do your own experimentation and find out what works best for your body.